Grief and Healing

Helping you cope with your grief

 Grief is no respecter of time or season  when you have lost someone you love. The days pass by, just as they  always have in the past. Amongst all of the joy and laughter and the busy world around you, things just do not yet seem right in your own world.  Although it may seem as if you are alone, you are not. Many others are experiencing these same feelings of loss. Westview Memorial cares about you and your family. We offer just a few ideas to help  you in coping with your feelings of loss. 

Give Yourself a Break

It is okay to take time and slow down  as you remember your lost loved one. Grieving is an important part of  healing, and it takes time. Take all the time you need and allow others  to heal.

Many find it healing to give or create something to honor their loved one who has passed. Perhaps you  might wish to donate time or money in honor of your loved one to a local  charity, or a cause that might have meant been meaningful to them.  Another idea would be to make a wreath, blanket, or ornament to keep for  display each holiday season that passes by. 

Take Some Time to Think

Remember that is okay to take some  time for yourself. Go for a drive, visit the graveside of your lost  loved one, or go see a friend you have not seen in awhile. Try doing  something you enjoy, such as reading a book or walking through nature.  Treat yourself by having  a relaxing day at the spa, or just a day off  to watch movies. Never, ever feel guilty for doing something you enjoy  or for needing to just be alone. 

Prioritize and Organize

While you might typically have it all  together, take the time to write down your most important daunting  tasks. Do not take on more than you can handle or make too many commitments. 


Grief Support

Grief support groups in your  community can be extremely helpful.. It is healing to connect with  others and to feel like you are not alone. Check online or with your  local funeral homes, churches, or community centers and see what types  of grief resources they might offer.